Friday, May 29, 2009

140/365 {May 21}

I bought a new welcome mat. I love the bright colors but it's making the porch looking shabbier than ever, and not the good kind of "shabby". Time to repaint . . .

139/365 {May 20}

The kitchen counter in the morning before school, breakfast cooking and lunches being made.

138/365 {May 19}

Reese and I enjoyed a donut today at a new donut shop, they were so good. This is going to be a place we frequent often.

137/365 {May 18}

Daddy reading library books before bedtime. Kids love reading the books they've picked out at school.

136/365 {May 17}

All the kids love to dig in the dirt usually looking for bugs. Playing with sticks is fun too.

135/365 {May 16}

Ethan is finally feeling better! He doesn't want to go to bed probably because he's spent most of this past week sleeping day and night. It's good to see him smiling and happy again!

134/365 {May 15}

Now Reese is sick! I can't believe we have been sick for so long!

133/365 {May 14}

We are enjoying the nice weather, perfect for late afternoon scooter rides.

132/365 {May 13}

Even though Ethan's sick, he still wanted to play with playdough and of course, Reesey had to join him.

131/365 {May 12}

Reese and I had fun playing with the camera timer today. Love her expression here!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

130/365 {May 11}

Sickness for the 4th straight week, this thermometer is my best friend right now . . . I'm so glad that we have one like this when it seems like I'm taking temperatures every 10 minutes.

129/365 {May 10}

My traditional Mother's Day photo was not a success! Ethan was sick and Caden was upset. I look happy and I am!

128/365 {May 9}

We celebrated my dad's birthday with a picnic lunch at the Peoria zoo. It was a really nice day and we all had fun. Happy 67th, Dad!

127/365 {May 8}

PaPa generously donated some new sand to our sandbox. It's been a few years and it was getting low now it's filled to the brim and very fun to play in. Thanks, PaPa!

126/365 {May 7}

I treated myself to a new purse today. Since it's May I decided the wool plaid one was a little out of season.

125/365 {May 6}

Caden sick again and had to have blood taken and x-rays. The minute I told him that they were going to take blood, he panicked. Reese tried to comfort him though.

124/365 {May 5}

The sandbox is getting a lot of use this week. Yeah for warmer weather.

123/365 {May 4}

My entire morning was sorting clothes to grow into. I think I finally have them organized by size and season and marked well so I don't have to do this again -- ever!

122/365 {May 3}

These two crack me up, one second they are fighting and the next hugging. One word to describe their relationship: competitive.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

121/365 {May 2}

This is Reese's newest thing to squeeze your nose and say "honk, honk".

Saturday, May 2, 2009

120/365 {May1}

I spent the afternoon scrapbooking, thanks to Grammy for taking the kids for the afternoon.

119/365 {Apr 30}

A view into the kids' room complete with laundry waiting in the hallway to be put away.