Friday, July 10, 2009

182/365 {July 2}

More dressing up!

181/365 {July 1}

Don't know why but we got out our Pez collection today. The hardest part (besides putting in that stupid candy) was deciding which one they each wanted to use.

180/365 {June 30}

2 addictions: her flower pillow and sucking her fingers, usually done simultaneously.

179/365 {June 29}

The new flower garden thanks to my MIL, Patti, all done is one short day! Remarkable!

178/365 {June 28}

First batch of home made salsa for the summer. It's soooooooo good!

177/365 {June 27}

Laundry is never ending . . . baskets always full of clean or dirty clothes waiting to be washed, folded, or put away. How many clothes can 6 people go through?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

176/365 {June 26}

Mowing the lawn AGAIN.

175/365 {June 25}

Over the course of the summer, these two have been quite the playmates. They love to play "house" and just hang around together, there's a lot less fighting than usual -- sure is nice to have built-in playmates.

174/365 {June 24}

Picked myself some flowers today. There are thousands of these along side the road. They look so pretty.

173/365 {June 23}

Our 8th anniversary! We celebrated by doing nothing, eating cold chicken salad sandwiches and chips. We forgot to take a photo until we were in our jammies.

172/365 {June 22}

They still love swimming lessons!

171/365 {June 21}

Happy Father's Day! I made Aaron a scrapbook layout with some photos of him and the kids together.

170/365 {June 20}

Swimming is a big hit. They don't even care we don't have a big pool. A cheap one from Toys R Us does the trick. Lots of laughing and splashing!

169/365 {June 19}

Projects galore: I made some scrapbook pages for PaPa Ronn, a layout for Daddy, a collage for Grandpa Larry, a birthday card, a baby shower card, and 3 father's day cards this weekend.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

168/365 {June 18}

An interesting scene in the dress-up closet: a bee, a princess, and a mask-less Ironman holding a hammer . . . not sure what was going on.

167/365 {June 17}

Rainy day so we got out the good old bean bucket. The rule was keep the beans in the containers and on the blanket. They listened well. . .

166/365 {June 16}

The dress-up closet is finished and Addison comes up with some fashions that are very avant garde (I only know that term from Project Runway).

165/365 {June 15}

Since my mom is in town, we decided a trip to the Niabi Zoo would be fun! Monica and her kids were booked and couldn't come but Keely and the boys came. We had a fun time with Grandma Becky at the zoo. She treated them all to Zoo Pirate T-shirts and we had lunch at Happy Joes.

164/365 {June 14}

She loves to have her belly button "beeped". It's a pretty cute belly too -- I'm quite jealous of it!

163/365 {June 13}

Someone's in trouble! She loves to play in the potty and in the bathtub. I find her soaked from head to toe a lot.

162/365 {June 12}

This is the view our neighbors have of Aaron and me: dragging Ethan back home by the arm. He still thinks it's funny to run away and now says "Na Na, you can't catch me!". It's really funny until we catch him!

161/365 {June 11}

More swinging fun!

160/365 {June 10}

We are enjoying the "flowers" in our yard, no one cares if they are weeds including me!

159/365 {June 9}

My mom came from Colorado for a visit. We hadn't seen her in over a year. She and her husband came over for dinner one night and we went to park for a little while.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

158/365 {June 8}

Swimming lessons started today at the Y. I wasn't sure how the kids would like it. But they all loved it. Ethan is a "fish" and once he got his floaty belt on he just went swimming out to the middle of the pool over and over again. The lifeguard had to keep pulling him back in.

157/365 {June 7}

We took the kids to the Bettendorf Family Museum. They had this fun crazy mirror thing that you could change by pushing some buttons. I chose this photo only because this is the only way I don't have "triplet tummy".

156/365 {June 6}

After dropping off our non-sold garage sale stuff, Jackson, Keely and I went out for an early dinner. It was nice to relax.

155/365 {June 5}

My van load to Keely's for our garage sale. Lots of stuff to sell, feels good to get rid of it.

154/365 {June 4}

Swinging is a HUGE pastime here. Our swing set has some mileage on it already!