Tuesday, March 31, 2009

79/365 {Mar 21}

I tell you this girl is too smart for her own good. She loves to get "uppy" on the couch but is just a little too short to do it on her own. She figured out today she can use the wipe box to stand on to get up there. If you take it away she looks for it and puts it back. She doesn't play very safe on the couch: running from one end to another, so scary!

78/365 {Mar 20}

I have a love/hate relationship with Aaron's work truck: Love that we own it (no payments), hate that it tends to break down all the time. I swear every part on it has been replaced at least once including the motor. Needless to say Aaron didn't make it to work on this day, he went grocery shopping and ran errands with Reese and me.

77/365 {Mar 19}

Reese is super independent and insists on feeding herself with a "poon". Makes a mess but at least she's using silverware, she has some 4 year old siblings that I can't say the same about.

76/365 {Mar 18}

Caden is getting good at writing his name. At the beginning of the school year it was just a backwards C then it was most of the letters all written backwards and written from right to left. He's getting the hang of it -- really proud of him!

75/365 {Mar 17}

The Geotrax trains are out again. The kids love them but we have a lot (imagine that) so they take up a lot of floor space. We need a whole room just for Geotrax!

74/365 {Mar 16}

Enjoying another nice day outside just hanging out and playing on the sidewalk.

73/365 {Mar 15}

A change of pace around here, a day of fun and relaxation: playing outside, a trip to the park with Daddy, McDonald's lunch, Walmart shopping, and playing with bubbles.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

72/365 {Mar 14}

Keely and I went to Country Fair Mall today to do some flea market shopping. We had so much fun but needed more time to look at everything. We both found tons of cool, fun stuff. Keely's prize find was these two old blocks with her hubby's initials on them.

71/365 {Mar 13}

The kids get so excited when we visit with Jackson and Jeffrey, they have a lot of fun but because they are super close in age there's also a lot of fighting. It's funny as soon as they leave they all want to be back together again . . . every single time. When this visit ended (with a big fight at the end), Caden says later on, "Why did my best buddy, Jackson, have to leave?" Kids.

70/365 {Mar 12}

The kids went on a field trip to The Family Museum in Bettendorf today. Ethan got to go and stayed at school all day. They all had to bring a sack lunch and they had a lot of fun.

69/365 {Mar 11}

Welcome me to this century. I bought an MP3 player with my birthday money. I'll admit a few weeks ago I really didn't even know what an MP3 player did . . . I'm a little behind the times. I love it and hope it will motivate me to want to work out.

68/365 {Mar 10}

2 of my 4 little piggies! Why didn't they love wearing these when they were 2 years old and the 3 Little Pigs for Halloween?

67/365 {Mar 9}

Most days I don't forget to take photos for my 365 Project but today I did. I think at 11:30 pm I remembered. Of course since we moved Ethan to a big boy toddler bed mixed with the wonderful time change, he doesn't go to sleep very easily. At 11:30 he was still up so he was my subject.

66/365 {Mar 8}

We had to make a pit stop on our 3 hour trip back from Keely and Jeremy's today. It was so windy that I could hardly open the van door. Caden needed to go the bathroom too and I'm glad Aaron went with him -- he might have blown away otherwise.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

65/365 {Mar 7}

The boys went to a monster truck show with Daddy, Uncle Jeremy, Jackson, and Grandpa. They had a really good time. The noise didn't bother any of them (they had ear protection) and boy did they come back with the souvenirs!

64/365 {Mar 6}

Dr. Suess's birthday was celebrated at preschool this week and today was were crazy socks. They read Fox in Socks. Fun things like this are so great for motivation as I remember from my former teaching days (sometimes I miss them).

63/365 {Mar 5}

Another tease of nice weather . . . and the kids were begging to be outside. We are going to wear those scooters out that Aunt Diana gave them for their birthday. They love them!

Monday, March 9, 2009

62/365 {Mar 4}

Reese's quilt is done! Rag quilts are super easy -- definitely good for a beginner if you're wanting to make a quilt. It's like quilting backwards in my opinion. I love the colors. 1 down, 3 to go!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

61/365 {Mar 3}

Ethan earned a trip to Grammy & Papa's house all by himself today for behaving well at school. Reese took a long nap so I got some creative time all by myself to work on Reese's quilt. It's done too . . . in the washing machine right now. The easiest and quickest quilt I ever made.

60/365 {Mar 2}

We got creative with some paint today. They really had fun. Ethan's painting looked like fireworks, Addison made me under a rainbow, and Caden first said his was a firetruck but then he called it a boob.

59/365 {Mar 1}

We had a picnic on the living room floor tonight. Trying to do more creative things this month. The kids loved it, ate lots, and nothing got spilled. Ethan and Reese must work on the "family style" of eating. They both feel the need to help themselves to everything in a bowl, we never eat this way at the table because of this problem. Ethan has always been this way, he was robbed of food in the womb and he's still affected by it.

58/365 {Feb 28}

We took the kids to Bounce Town today. They had a blast in all those blow up things. It's very loud and hard to keep track of your 4 little kids with only 2 adults. Most parents park themselves at a table and the kids just run -- we don't do that. We lasted about 90 minutes before I was couldn't stand the BIG (too big in my opinion) almost running over everyone so we left. It wore them out!

57/365 {Feb 27}

I am working on learning my camera. I spent an hour reading and playing with my camera. Addison is an eager model. I was practicing on aperture and depth of field. See how the background is all blurry and she's in focus -- that's depth of field. However maybe I should have spent 10 seconds fixing the model's hair first, huh?