Thursday, April 30, 2009

118/365 {Apr 29}

Dandelions are everywhere and I'm getting lots of pretty bouquets!

117/365 {Apr 28}

The grass is getting greener and growing. The kids are fascinated by it and notice every time we go outside. The love to touch it, can't wait until we can go barefoot in the grass.

116/365 {Apr 27}

Mr. Monkers is just hangin' around waiting for Caden to come home for school.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

115/365 {Apr 26}

Still confined to the house today, pink eye is now being spread around. We went through some toys got some "new/old" stuff out to play with, and kept busy.

114/365 {Apr 25}

After all the sleep Ethan has gotten this week, tonight he couldn't sleep so he joined Daddy in looking at motorcycle parts. "What's that, Daddy?" was asked a million times. He kept getting confused and thought they were bicycle parts.

Friday, April 24, 2009

113/365 {Apr 24}

This one is BUSY all day long. She is into EVERYTHING! I cannot get an unblurry photo of her lately. She is sugar sweet but she's got a ton of SPICE too!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

112/365 {Apr 23}

The flu . . . rotovirus . . . whatever it was . . . it's a drinking thing . . . this is just a fraction of the water and Gatorade and juice bottles we've gone through in the past three days.

111/365 {Apr 22}

The sickness continues. A day of sleeping and sleeping, only waking for medicine.

110/365 {Apr 21}

A sick day. Everyone but Mommy is sick. It was quiet and everyone rested including Mommy who got to take 2 naps and hold lots of babies.

109/365 {Apr 20}

Ethan is changing so much. His behavior at school and at home has become so much better. He's following directions and listening more. He's liking to participate in art at school and even worked on his "homework" without too much coaxing.

108/365 {Apr 19}

We came back from a weekend at Jeremy and Keely's house to find our very full freezer was part way defrosted. Then discovered the knob had been turned off and both the fridge and freezer are controlled by that one knob. I cleaned out the fridge on Thursday and assumed I somehow bumped even though it was in a really awkward place to do so. I left to go get replacement milk and McDonalds for supper while Caden admitted to Aaron that he turned the knob. So sad to throw tons of food away, but we didn't want to take the chance of eating food that might make us sick. Caden knows to never touch that knob again and we know to check it every single day and before we leave the house for a few days!

107/365 {Apr 18}

Jeffrey turned two! He had a fun kitty party where all the kids had kitty names and did a mouse hunt. Too bad Jeffrey and Jackson were under the weather. I can't believe how big Jeffrey is getting!

106/365 {Apr 17}

Aaron is excited about teaching the kids to play baseball this spring and summer. We aren't old enough to play on the town team and they don't know a thing about it anyway. They got gloves, balls, bats, and a tee stand for their last birthday. It's fun to watch them with Daddy.

105/365 {Apr 16)

Just like her mama -- she enjoys a good donut!

104/365 {Apr 15}

Working on Spring Cleaning. Cleaned out the freezer and decided it would be nice to know what is in the freezer. So I did an inventory -- what a geek I am!

103/365 {Apr 14}

An unexpected day off for Aaron meant I could coax him into helping me with the kids' closet. We put up race car decals, some new carpeting, and a set of hooks for their dress-up clothes. I'm loving the orange paint now.

102/365 {Apr 13}

Grammy treated us to a day of shoe shopping and McDonald's lunch. Every kid got TWO pairs of shoes. Thanks, Grammy!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

101/365 {Apr 12}

Easter Loot!

100/365 {Aug 11}

Coloring eggs was fun!

99/365 {Apr 10}

My one man band. He's been playing a lot of music lately. He can make a guitar out of anything a fake banana, a ball, a drum stick . . . he just loves music!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

98/365 {Apr 9}

First day of Spring Break and we went to go see my high school friend, Missy, and her two kids Sumner and Ava. I finally got to see her beautiful house -- I think she's lived there a long time but I never make it over there. It was nice to visit and the kids had fun too!

97/365 {Apr 8}

Addison and Caden love playing on the computer. They play Nick Jr. games and can navigate that site pretty well. Caden also browses the Marvel/Hasbro site to look at his "guys". They were using the computer so much that I now have a timer set and they get a 30 minute time limit to play once a day.

96/365 {Apr 7}

The girls were playing a running and screaming game. They had a lot of fun!

95/365 {Apr 6}

This is me making progress the backwards way. I'm still working on redoing the kids' room. Now I'm painting the first closet so everything including the millions of clothing we own had to come out -- what a mess!

94/365 {Apr 5}

The Wiggles are still the in thing at are house. We sing and dance right along. I think their songs will be etched in our brains forever.

93/365 {Apr 4}

Egg Hunt Fun! All the kids enjoyed the fun at the elementary school. Reese loved doing it too!

92/365 {Apr 3}

I spent A LOT of time in the van today! Drop kids off at school, drop Reese off at Grammy's, go to my doctor's appointment, go to the lab for a blood draw, go to Walmart to fill prescription and am turned away, go to Walgreens (surprise there's a wait), pick up Ethan at school, stop by McDonalds to get Ethan lunch, go to Grammy's to get Reese and let Ethan play a minute, back to Walgreens to pick up prescription, then back to school to pick up Caden and Addison. I probably put 200 miles on the van doing all this!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

91/365 {April 2}

Back to scrapbooking today . . . My creative space is a mess but it was worth it. I hope to keep doing this on a more regular basis.

90/365 {April 1}

The Easter Bunny is on his way! Of course, we're excited!

89/365 {Mar 31}

Ethan made it through his first full day of preschool. He did well and even slept at nap time. I wish I could say I enjoyed his day too but it was spent running errands and taking Addison to the eye doctor in Peoria.

88/365 {Mar 30}

My whole day was spent painting. I started in upstairs toy closet while Reese napped. It's orange and kind of weird and bright and dark all at the same time. Then I had some furniture and other items for their room to work on. It took quite a big chunk of the afternoon to get 2 coats of paint on all these items.

87/365 {Mar 29}

Playing video games with Jackson is fun. We have a four wheeler game that all the kids enjoy.

86/365 {Mar 28}

My life is now over as Reese learned to climb the chairs to get on the table and get into anything and everything she wants. She spilled countless drinks already. I'm taking bets on how long it will be until she's hanging from the chandelier . . .

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

85/365 {Mar 27}

A dinner out with no kids is a rarity but much enjoyable time for us. We went to Red Robin. I love this place and their freckled lemonades. It was Aaron's first time and he liked it too.

84/365 {Mar 26}

Gabbing with our neighbors, Lyle and Sandy, as they do yard work.

83/365 {Mar 25}

Preschool homework: decorating an Easter Egg. Addison is an eager beaver about getting "homework" done -- she worked on her egg several days and did lots of techniques: glitter, paint, glue, stickers, markers, ribbon, and tissue paper. She was ready to turn it in a few days before the due date. Caden hadn't even started and 10 minutes before bedtime, he wants to get his egg done so he can turn it in with Addison. He chose to put lots of Spiderman stickers on the bottom. He had to wait until the weekend to finish. The top was red with glittered web and a felt spider and he still turned it in on time.

82/365 {Mar 24}

The pacifier has been gone for over a week, now she's back to sucking her thumb and fingers. Nothing I can do about that -- can't take those away.

81/365 {Mar 23}

Another nice day to play outside after school . . . if you only knew how hard it is to get a group photo of these kids!

80/365 {Mar 22}

Happy Birthday, Jackson and Cael! They had a joint party at a children's museum in Bloomington. All the kids had a great time!