Friday, June 12, 2009

153/365 {June 3}

Sometimes living by the park is great but they want to go ALL the time. It's fun for them all. Reesey is loving the slides but she is ultra concerned about things being "hot" and says everything is hot even when it's not.

152/365 {June 2}

The kids love playing out front on the sidewalk with trikes, scooters, bouncy ball. They go back and forth hundreds of times.

151/365 {June 1}

My pile of layouts from the May LOAD project. I did all 31! I am so proud I did it!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

150/365 {May 31}

They love going to the park and look I have help pulling the wagon! They can pull it for a long time without getting tired too.

149/365 {May 30}

Is there anything sexier than a man doing the dishes? I think not.

148/365 {May 29}

Last day of school, all the kids had a great year. Big improvements made and we all loved all the teachers and aids. Ethan has a special connection with Mrs. Cornell and I think it goes both ways. She was so nice to him and really took him under her wing.

147/365 {May 28}

This is what my scrap desk is looking like these days. Almost a month of doing layouts everyday while my LOAD project, I have picked up a few times in between but is doesn't take long to get messy!

146/365 {May 27}

I can't believe this one is 18 months old -- such a character!

145/365 {May 26}

My azalea bush is pretty but only for a short, short time. Aaron wanted to rip it out last summer because it was in the way of the roofing job. I refused to let him do it and am glad we didn't.

144/365 {May 25}

A sweet Daddy-Daughter moment . . . she's definitely a Daddy's girl!

143/365 {May 24}

The girl cousins having fun at our Memorial Day cookout.

142/365 {May 23}

Here's what 3 kids in time out look like . . . in case you're wondering. The photo is much quieter than actually being there, trust me!

141/365 {May 22}

The kids have been to the doctor so much lately that now they are pros at being the doctor themselves and our doctor kits are working overtime. Ethan like to say "hold still" repeatedly while working on us then "very good".