Saturday, October 24, 2009

296/365 {Oct 24}

We are now doing our countdown to Halloween boxes. Each box has a note that leads us to a fun treat.

295/365 {Oct 23}

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves everywhere!

294/365 {Oct 22}

Found a pair of rain boots at the resale shop today for $1.75! Now we can go puddle jumping again!

293/365 {Oct 21}

Big piles of leaves = really happy kids!

292/365 {Oct 20}

I'm getting ready for Halloween by binging on candy corn ... can't get enough of it.

291/365 {Oct 19}

Such a nice day so we had to go to the park. The new norm here is Addison in tears, a lot. She got upset before we left over something Caden said about our pumpkins and it took her a long time to get over it. Poor Jessie even got ignored for a while.

290/365 {Oct 18}

Our annual trip to the pumpkin patch was really fun.

289/365 {Oct 17}

Body surfing on Papa.

288/365 {Oct16}

LOAD project is taking a toll on my scrap area.

287/365 {Oct 15}

Her exact words: "Look Mama, I colored my body!"

Saturday, October 17, 2009

286/365 {Oct 14}

My usual before bedtime snack.

285/365 {Oct 13}

Looking cute before bed. This girl is a staller at bedtime and most nights after she's been in bed for a while she comes and asks me to sing her a lullaby. So I make something up and she pretends to be asleep after my 30 second song and that usually takes care of her insomnia.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

284/365 {Oct 12}

We went on a leaf walk today. It was pretty chilly and only walked about a block and half then turned around. They were ready to run in the house.

283/365 {Oct 11}

This is for my BIL, Jeremy, is a genetic thing that the cupboard doors don't always get closed. My cupboards are kind of pretty inside, someone once took the time to paint them a nice shade of blue.

282/365 {Oct 10}

We made Monster Treats today as one of the activities to pass the time since we have no vehicle to get anywhere. The kids really enjoyed this -- it was fun!

Friday, October 9, 2009

281/365 {Oct 9}

New obsession: brushing her teeth and washing her hands and filling up the play cups with water to drink. A couple days ago I found her sitting in the sink while she was running the water.

280/365 {Oct 8}

As I was uploading some photos from my bed, I look over and this is my view into the closet. Looks really bad but I just cleaned out the clothes closet and once I got past the stuff I piled it was clean underneath. I cleaned it out last September. Just have to get the motivation to do it.

279/365 {Oct 7}

spilled sprinkles

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

278/365 {Oct 6}

Soak it in . . . the house is clean for at least a few minutes before the kids tear into it again.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

277/365 {Oct 5}

This was my day . . . clothes, clothes, and more clothes. It took me 10 hours to switch out the kids clothes from spring to winter . . . I'm getting faster!

276/365 {Oct 4}

We went to our church's wiener roast. The kids had a blast and even tried roasting their first marshmallows.

275/365 {Oct 3}

Look who's cookin'?

274/365 {Oct 2}

A peek into the kids' room . . . Addison playing with her Pet Shoppe Pets.

273/365 {Oct 1}

Trying to get our game on . . . memory, learning taking turns, graceful winning, losing is okay . . . it's a looooooong road to travel.

Friday, October 2, 2009

272/365 {Sept 30}

Batman returns.

271/365 {Sept 29}

Peeling apples today for an apple cake made me think of my grandma all the apple pies she's made in her time.

270/365 {Sept 28}

Excluding our two bedrooms, downstairs bath, and kitchen, every room in our house needs paint. Our living room is yellow. The 4 sets of 84" curtains are ones I made and cheap new ones would be at least $80 so looks like yellow paint again or maybe brown, picking paint is really hard.

269/365 {Sept 27}

Keely thought it would be fun to go to a little photo shoot on the old fire trucks that are parked behind our town gas station. There were tons of them there as long as we've lived here. When we got there, only one lone fire truck left. We got some fun shots.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

268/365 {Sept 26}

We went to see a Marvel Hero show today at the zoo. Aunt Monica brought costumes for all the kids. Caden had the time of his life seeing Spiderman, Green Goblin, Captain America, and Ironman.

267/365 {Sept 25}

Keely and I enjoyed a day of searching for treasures. Doesn't this old
toy look like fun, I passed on it but it was cute.

266/365 {Sept 24}

Chopping onion for dinner: Zesty Mac and Beef.

265/365 {Sept 23}

Getting a little TV time in before school.

264/365 {Sept 22}

A family pajama night at preschool tonight. The kids enjoyed hearing a story, getting a new book, milk and cookies, making a book, and dancing to some fun songs.