Saturday, December 12, 2009

319/365 {Nov 16}

Reese is into getting her photo taken (imagine that!). "Take my picture, Mama, Cheeeeeeeese."

318/365 {Nov 15}

Reesey helped feed baby Ty with Aunt Ashley at our November birthday party.

317/365 {Nov 14}

Started working on a project today. Surprisingly I got most of it done in one sitting while Daddy & PaPa took the big kids to a playoff football game.

316/365 {Nov 13}

I was cleaning in my bedroom when I hear water running ... then I peak in the door and see these 2 little feet.

315/365 {Nov 12}

Our tile floor is coming along. I like it so much better than the old 1980 blue and white linoleum.

Friday, December 11, 2009

314/365 {Nov 11}

The kids can't create enough with play-dough lately.

313/365 {Nov 10}

She lost her first tooth today. It only took her 2 days to pull it out. She's so proud!

312/365 {Nov 9}

I received my prize box from the October LOAD. I really enjoyed doing LOAD this time around even though it was a struggle at the end -- I love my layouts and feel I pushed my creativity more than I ever have.

311/365 {Nov 8}

Good-bye outdated living room decor. Hello new paint.

Monday, December 7, 2009

310/365 {Nov 7}

Another afternoon spent jumping in the leaves.

309/365 {Nov 6}

My friend, Cathi, gave us their old freezer. Now I'm stocking up on bread -- no more running to the store 4 times a week just for bread.

308/365 {Nov 5}

Happy 5th Birthday to my favorite Triplets!

307/365 {Nov 4}

Birthday presents wrapped and ready for tomorrow!

306/365 {Nov 3}

Dress up time: Addison in a too small piglet and Reese in a too big Spiderman.

305/365 {Nov 2}

The kids are the Stars of the Week. Here's our family poster. I wanted to make a tree. It ended up being really big but it's for three kids. The kids loved it.

304/365 {Nov 1}

A day spent raking leaves and smoking out the neighbors.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

303/365 {Oct 31}

It was a fun night trick or treating. Reese had a blast and cried when she had to stop and the older kids kept going.

302/365 {Oct 30}

My Wonder Woman trying to fly at during the school parade.

301/365 {Oct 29}

There was a special treat for our countdown to Halloween -- chocolate jack-o-lanterns.

300/365 {Oct 28}

Some nights we are just too tired to do anything else but sit on the couch with the kids. This was one of those nights.

299/365 {Oct 27}

"I'm a rainbow" is what Addison said when she came in this morning after dressing herself. She later explained that stripes and stripes match. She dresses happy!

298/365 {Oct 26}

We made mini jack-o-lanterns out of oranges stuffed with fruit.

297/365 {October 25}

A fun afternoon spent jumping in huge piles of leaves. It was a nice warm afternoon and we had lots of fun.