Monday, August 31, 2009

229/365 {August 18}

Reese had a little tea party for her babies today. "One dink for you and one for me and one for you and one for me . . . "

228/365 {August 17}

Playing with Papa and the Robot on Grammy Play Day.

227/365 {August 16}

Swinging at the local park.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

226/365 {August 15}

We went to the Milwaukee Zoo today. It was huge and hot and we were all very tired. We saw a hippo, giant fish, millions of bats, and a gorilla.

225/365 {August 14}

The highlight of our first vacation was swimming in Lake Geneva. It was such fun and the kids loved it and played for hours.

224/365 {August 13}

Our first day of vacation spent at a cool hotel with a water park in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The kids had a blast.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

223/365 {August 12}

Getting ready for vacation and some beach fun.

222/365 {August 11}

"Mama, I want to do da seat-ah-belts" is something I hear hundreds if not thousands of times a day. It's Reese's current and non-stop obsession. She can buckle them just not unbuckle.

221/365 {August 10}

Cleaning up tonight I moved the playroom love seat and look what I found, I was not surprised.

220/365 {August 9}

Stocking up on hamburger -- I bought 10 pounds because it was a good deal, repackaged it in one pound packages and realized later that I already had 5 pounds in the freezer so we're stocked on hamburger for a while.

Friday, August 28, 2009

219/365 {August 8}

They have such fun in the pool, I think this is the last day it stayed blown up, somehow it started to leak and wouldn't hold air anymore.

218/365 {August 7}

My sweet husband has had to deal with my grouchy mood for a few days, he didn't know what to do so he brought home some pink roses.

217/365 {August 6}

Going down the big slide at the school playground.

216/365 {August 5}

A sweet goodbye between Jeffrey and Reese.

215/365 {August 4}

Attack of Uncle Jeremy.

214/365 {August 3}

Cozy swing ride with the cousins while spending a few days with them.

213/365 {August 2}

slippin' and slidin' in the summer sun.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

212/365 {August 1}

Aaron's company picnic today at a lake. It was rainy and almost chilly but the kids still had fun playing and the food was good. We like this company, it's a family run business and the owners are really good to Aaron.

211/365 {July 31}

Reese has begun to play imaginatively already. She loves Addison's dollhouse and has the dolls do all kinds of things. It's fun to watch and listen to her.

210/365 {July 30}

A little bit of scrapbooking got done today!

209/365 {July 29}

Tea party fun. I filled up that little teapot with lemonade dozens of times.

208/365 {July 28}

These swings have a lot of hours logged on them this summer.

207/365 {July 27}

Time to put away baby toys.

206/365 {July 26}

Major superhero fun going on here all the time.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

205/365 {July 25}

A fun evening watching hot air balloons at Lake Storey.

204/365 {July 24}

Creating with pipe cleaners making fun accessories.

203/365 {July 23}

Grammy and PaPa treated all the grandkids to a swimming day at Fun City. It was a little chilly for July but we all had a lot of fun.

202/365 {July 22}

We don't normally eat out a lot but lately we have broken our rule and eaten out a bit more than normal. Here's what was left over from a large pizza and large order of breadsticks . . . not much.

201/365 {July 21}

Addison wrote the alphabet today. I figured she would be really out of practice because of summer break but she only needed reminders of some of the letters.

200/365 {July 20}

Kids are wanting to take photos too. I can't remember who shot this one of me.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

199/365 {July 19}

This is summer in our backyard.

198/365 {July 18}

Addison and I enjoyed a girls day out watching the show, Pinkalicious, a late lunch and some fun shopping.

Friday, August 21, 2009

197/365 {July 17}

I was having a not-so-good day. I went to the post office and there was a surprise package from my sis with all this great scrapbooking stuff. Even though there was not enough time to scrap, lifted my spirits seeing this fun stuff and I plan on making time to use some of it soon.

196/365 {July 16}

An all too common view in our backyard, underwear and rain boots. What's better than dancing in the rain in your skivvies?

195/365 {July 15}

Our mini trampoline is just as fun as a big one and not nearly as dangerous and we don't have to worry about the wind tearing it apart. It's gotten a lot of use over the past 3 years.

194/365 {July 14}

Did you know flyswatters make great bubbles? They do: millions of little ones. I bought 4 NEW ones just for bubbles.

193/365 {July 13}

Kissy lips.

192/365 {July 12}

Caden racing cars on the rediscovered Spiderman racetrack.

191/365 (July 11)

One of my layouts I finished from Scrapaganza's crop that Keely and I went to. I like it because it's a POTD and it has a Megan Klauer felt owl on it!

190/365 {July 10}

Rainy weather AGAIN, thought reading in a "tent" would be fun, it was for only about 10 minutes, sigh.

189/365 {July 9}

"Hey" is what she yells over the fence to our neighbor, Lyle, over and over again. They both think it's funny but finally he just has to walk away because she won't stop.

188/365 {July 8}

Eating lunch out on the porch today, muffin tin style.

187/365 {July 7}

Bubble blowing has been big here lately.

186/365 {July 6}

Some good junk store finds: a old piano bench that will be used as a "coffee table" for the porch, a trunk for the boys' dress up clothes, a hob knob container for scrapbook supplies, and wooden letters that spell AMERICA maybe for a banner or scrapbook. Fun day without kids and just doing stuff I wanted to do.

185/365 {July 5}

Happy 4th on the 5th!

184/365 {July 4}

Our 4th of July celebrations were contained inside due to rainy weather. We made some fun hats for fireworks tomorrow!

183/365 {July 3}

Finally getting started on putting tile in our kitchen basement landing and laundry room. We bought the tile over a year ago. I don't even remember what it looks like.